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Tips to Cleaning and Sotring Your Grill 2021

Posted By txyicheng grillmat     May 10, 2021    


Gas grills are a great way to enjoy warm spring and summer days with your friends and family. If you live somewhere that experiences cold weather, the time will come to store your gas grill. While many people choose to store their gas grills outside, this shortens their lifespan and leads to rust and other issues. The best thing you can do is store your gas grill in a storage unit. Learning how to store your grill properly is essential to make it last so that you can enjoy it year after year.

Cleaning your Grill

Cleaning the grill grate and the ash out is very important, the rest of the grill—not so much. About once a month I'll take a rag and some cleaner to the outside of the grill to keep it looking nice and shiny, but inside is another story.

I actually preach keeping the inside of your grill "dirty." Like a good cast iron pan, grilling over and over seasons the inside of your grill. This seasoning is important as it aids with temperature control—a grill that's been used a lot with a good layer of seasoning will be easier to hold at a specific temperature over a new one. Anyone who has ever tried to use a regular grill as smoker to make some barbecue will know the importance of this.

When it comes to the inside, I'll give it a wipe-down with a dry paper towel to remove any fallen food or excess ash, but I never go scrubbing it like I might the outside of the grill. So the inside of your grill might be a black, sticky mess, but it's a mess you can be proud to own.

Storing your grill for winter

Correctly storing your grill is important. It keeps your grill in good working condition for years of use and ensures that you will be ready to go next spring. Here are some quick storage tips if you’re not planning to use your grill this winter.

Thoroughly clean your grill after its last use of the season. You should always brush off leftover food scraps and grease, but it is especially important to soak and scrub removable burners and clean out all debris before storing your grill.

Prevent rust by coating burners and other metal parts with a cooking oil to repel moisture.

If you’re storing your grill outside, keep the propane tank connected and shut it off. Be sure to protect the grill with a cover.

If you’re storing your grill inside, remove the propane tank and store it upright and outside of the house, garage or other building.

If you choose to remove the propane tank, tape a plastic bag over the grill’s gas line opening to keep spiders and insects from nesting in the gas line.

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