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New World MMO: 3 Bosses That Amazon Has Revealed So Far

Posted By Millson Adam     July 12, 2021    


In order to allow players to better understand the content of Amazon’s upcoming New World release, Summer Game Fest 2021 specially held New World Deep Dive. This conference was hosted by Geoff Keighley, the founder of Summer Game Fest, and Scott Lane, the game director of New World. Co-hosting. They mainly discussed the feedback on the closed preview of New World in the summer of 2020, as well as some problems in the game community. In the closed beta not long ago, players learned about the very important boss station in New World and a lot of content in the middle and late game.

At the beginning of the game, the player will encounter a shipwreck and land on the island of Aeternum. After that, the player needs to find resources and allies on this land. The Corrupted, the Ancient, and the Lost, as the three original factions on the island, have been in constant fighting. With the help of The Tempest, the Corrupted has gradually gained an increasing advantage over the past 100 years. As for the reason, The Tempest's mission is the same as the Corrupted, which is to destroy the entire world and all lives. As travelers, players need to establish their own territory on the island and stop the evil forces. For this reason, they need to fight against monsters and various supernatural forces.

During the closed beta of New World, the development team introduced a lot of new content to the game, inspired by player feedback. Not only that, in order to allow players to experience the upcoming adventure, the development team also opened up some adventure storylines and further optimized the PvE experience. If you want to know all the boss information that has been revealed so far, please continue reading this article.

Who is the most challenging enemy in New World? The answer given by Deputy Art Director Sojin Hwang is Isabella, and you can easily recognize her from her red eyes. There is currently a picture of her circulating on the Internet. If you have seen the statue in the center of Aeternum Island, you will find that the ruby ​​on the forehead of the statue looks very similar to the ruby ​​on Isabella's chest. We are still unable to determine whether these two gems have the same function, but the ruby ​​is likely to be the source of Isabella's power, so you'd better stay away from her.

The other boss is relatively rare, and it seems that everyone who has seen her is dead. According to rumors, the boss named Siren Queen lives in a floating fishing village named Reekwater. In the beginning, she and his crew landed on the island, trying to create a society where everyone is equal. But in the process, she lost herself and changed her goals. This creepy boss looks very powerful, a huge harpoon has become her weapon, and her clothes are traditional pirate costumes, covered with barnacles.

In the northwest corner of the map, there is a mysterious area called Ebonscale Reach. The leader here is The Empress of Ebonscale. Before being corrupted, she was an outstanding young woman, full of wisdom and promising. However, her half-brother was so jealous of her talents that she had to flee her hometown. In order to reclaim her lineage and regain the throne that originally belonged to her, she established an army of corrupted in her own territory.

These are all the bosses revealed by New World so far. Do you want to know more about the latest news about the game? Welcome to NewWorldCoins, a website dedicated to fans of New World. You can find everything you need on