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New World MMO: Amazon believes that Microtransactions is not Pay-2-Win

Posted By Millson Adam     July 14, 2021    


Summer Game Fest 2021 held the second event after the conference's kickoff event, called New World Deep Dive, on June 11. Geoff Keighley, the founder of Summer Game Fest, had a meeting with Scott Lane, the game director of Amazon Games Studio, about the upcoming New World release. The two mainly discussed the changes in the game during the Alpha preview, such as the new spawning systems, combat, and crafting gameplay, as well as those characters with excellent experience in the game. At the same time, they also expressed concerns about the community feedback, that is, in -game transactions and pay-to-win territory.

In order to find the secret of immortality, many travelers went to Aeternum Island. However, these unfortunate people have been turned into evil creatures, mainly because there is always a secret evil lurking in this land. Players will find themselves in a shipwreck after entering the game for the first time, and will wake up on Aeternum Island. In order to survive, players need to manipulate characters to build houses on this dangerous magic island, make weapons and learn magic. In this process, players need to collect resources and get to know more allies.

Keighley asked Lane about an important issue that New World players are very concerned about, and that is whether this game will become a pay to win. The main reason the community is concerned about this problem is that it is unfair for old players to purchase advanced equipment and abilities directly after new players enter the game, because they need to spend tens or even hundreds of hours of game time to obtain them. Lane said that the current in-game store will only sell cosmetics that do not contain any attributes, but the game will continue to develop and evolve, and he cannot predict what changes will occur in the store after a long period of development. The transactions between players mainly use New World Coins as currency. New World Coins can be obtained in various ways, and most of them take a long time. If you want to save more time to experience the fun of the game, welcome to visit to get the latest information and buy the New World Coins you need.

According to the closed beta version previously provided by New World, the in-game store currently only sells cosmetics, which will not affect the player's ability and combat effectiveness. According to the official website, the complete list of goods in the store will include weapon skins, character appearances, expressions and dyes, as well as pets and household items. In general, they do not want players to think that these items purchased in the game store are necessities of life, but want to provide players with a better visual experience. Want to see more related content? Please visit NewWorldCoins official website.

Not only that, in order to enable new players to catch up with old players at a comfortable state and speed, New World has also formulated some project plans, such as rested XP. The current plan is that players need to obtain such items through game events or buy them directly in the store. In any case, all the functions of the store will be tested in the upcoming closed beta test and will be modified based on player feedback. If players are not satisfied with the current microtransactions, their ideas will be shown to players when New World is officially released.