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Copper vs Aluminum Wiring: Which Is Best

Posted By xinyuwire enamelled     July 15, 2021    


The war between these Copper Magnet Wire and aluminum wire metals continues to rage on; both vying to become the number one contender as the ideal component for windings in a transformer. Due to both metals being thermal and electrical conductors, they often cross paths. However, it’s usually down to the individual preferences of the person designing, or specifying, the transformer, as to which one gets the nod.

Aluminum Wiring

Like copper, aluminum is conductive, so it’s become a common material used in the construction of electrical wiring. Unfortunately, aluminum wiring isn’t as strong as copper wiring, and it also has a higher thermal expansion coefficient. With that said, there are still advantages to using aluminum wiring.

Aluminum wiring almost always costs less than copper wiring. It’s not uncommon for aluminum wiring to cost just half the price of copper wiring. For a residential home, using aluminum wiring instead of copper wiring can save builders several hundred dollars. For a commercial building, the cost-savings benefits of aluminum wiring can be thousands of dollars.

In Conclusion

Copper Wiring

For over a half-century, copper wiring has been used in residential and commercial electrical systems. It’s often preferred, in fact, over aluminum wiring because of its high tensile strength. The tensile strength of copper is roughly 40% higher than that of aluminum. With a higher tensile strength, copper wiring is less likely to break than aluminum wiring. This is important considering that electrical wiring is often installing by pulling it through ports and feeders. If the wiring is weak or fragile, it may break during installation. Copper wiring has a high tensile strength to protect against breakage as well as other forms of physical damage.

Copper wiring also has a lower thermal expansion coefficient than its aluminum counterpart. In other words, it doesn’t expand as much as aluminum wiring when exposed to heat. The temperature of electrical wiring increases as electricity flows through it. Aluminum wiring has a higher thermal expansion than copper wiring, resulting in greater expansion. If the wiring expands too much, it may cause areas in which the wiring is spliced or joined to break.

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