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Global Warming

Posted By Fannie Davis     September 2, 2021    



It took over two decades to accept that humanity causes global warming by emitting a significant amount of greenhouse gasses. During the last thirty years, the emission of carbon dioxide has drastically increased. Scientists and researchers have identified the burning of fossils as the primary reason for changing the atmosphere’s temperature. Natural events and human activities such as fossil fuels use, global extraction, transport, and deforestation cause the growth of the average global temperature. Subsequently, it leads to considerable climate changes and global warming. According to scientists, the large concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere primarily produces climate system warming. The greenhouse effect and greenhouse gases contribute to overall Earth warming. Moreover, since the emission of greenhouse gases absorbs more solar energy, the energy will dissipate, leading to higher winds, stronger storms, and intense fallout. It was also mentioned in capstone paper at There are numerous indicators of a warming world, including humidity, sea level, the temperature of the air over land, the temperature of the sea surface, ocean heat, air temperature over oceans, and tropospheric temperature in the atmosphere’s layer close to the surface. These indicators are expected to increase in a warming world. The other indicators, such as the spring snow cover, glaciers, and sea ice of the Arctic are now decreasing.

Some scientists and researchers consider the changes in temperature as a natural fluctuation, and they may not relate to the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the burning of fossil fuel. However, most experts view global warming as a phenomenon generated by human beings and their actions. In reality, the major cause of the global warming is the way people treat nature. Today’s world is hotter in comparison with past years, and humankind continues to experience extreme weather and faster increase of sea level than scientists previously predicted. If the current tendency continues its development, the global temperature will drastically increase by the end of the century and its level will be higher than it was two million years ago.