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OSRS Motherlode Mines' Guide

Posted By James Love     September 14, 2021    


We'll be explaining what is new in Old School RuneScape, its requirements, and how to take advantage of it to boost your mining levels.

Hopefully, by the time you've finished this guide, you will have learned all you need to be aware of about the Motherlode Mine.

What is included in the OSRS Motherlode Mine guide

Introduction to the OSRS Motherlode Mine

An explanation on what is required and where the mine is situated.

Our plan of attack and suggestions on how to use the mine the most efficiently

We will explain the nature of the mine and tell you why it was added. Then, we'll explain how to access the mine, and what requirements are needed for you to enter it.

We'll also give you tips to maximize the use of the mine, and also help you to improve your mining skills.

What is the Motherlode Mine?

The OSRS Motherlode Mine, a new training area, was added in 2014.

You must be level 30 mining to enter the mine

Primarily, the mine is used for learning experience

Profits are possible, but it's not as significant as the XP gains.

In 2014 the Motherlode Mine was added to Old School RuneScape. The mine was then expanded in 2015. The Motherlode Mine is a convenient way to mine because you can mine there up to level 99 and earn experience in a similar way to mining in other areas.

The Motherlode Mine is mostly used to gain experience, however you can still profit from it. It can yield around 150,000 gold per hour when you reach higher levels. Although this is not the best way to make a profit in RuneScape it's still a good mining strategy to earn a bit while advancing your level.

To get into the Motherlode Mine, you must have a miner degree of 30. There aren't any additional requirements.

When you reach level 72 in mining, you can enter an upper level through the payment of an NPC within the mine called Prospector Percy that comes with 100 gold nuggets. After paying once you'll be granted permanent access to the upper level, which has more veins for mining.

The Motherlode Mine is located in the Dwarven Mine. It can be found through a cave entrance. The cave entrance is towards the North East of the Falador Mine Guild, or West of the Barbarian Village.

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What is the most effective strategy for Mining?

Take the finest pickaxe you can.

Learn how to clean the pay-dirt

The best strategy for reducing time and the number of trips to the bank

The first steps are easy once you're in the mine. You can mine ore veins from within the mine. Unlike normal veins, you may be able to extract up to 26 times in only one vein. Sometimes , it only takes as little as one time before the vein ceases to exist. Mining here is less of a hassle than other mining locations.

You can earn 60 hours of experience per vein. But the amount of experience you earn per hour can rise when you make use of more pickaxes. Additionally, you'll gain experience as time passes. In this regard, it is recommended that you always use the top pickaxe that is suitable for your mining level.

Instead of getting standard ore from veins, players will get pay-dirt. To wash the pay dirt players have to go to a bucket. The dirt will fall out of the hopper into a bag. The sack can be searched for ordinary ore.

The maximum amount a sack can contain is 81 pay-dirt. There is a method to overfill it. This method reduces the amount of times you need to go through for the bag, which speeds the rate of XP gains.

It is necessary to have a hammer (more details to come). The most effective strategy is to do two inventory with pay-dirt (27 each run), and then do two more using 26 pay-dirt. The sack should now contain 80 pay-dirt. You can go back and replenish your inventory with 28 more pay-dirt.

Because the sack will only contain 80 inches this case, you could trick the game into placing an extra 28, getting the total to 108.

The next step is to break open the bag to collect the ore. The level at which the pay-dirt was mined will affect the quantity of ore that you will receive. Additionally, you'll gain knowledge, and experience, on top of the XP you got for mining it initially.


All level - Golden nugget & 0 XP

Level 30 - Coal & 0 XP

Level 40 - Gold Ore, & 15 XP

Level 55 - Mithril Ore & 30 XP

Level 70 - Adamantite Ore & 45 XP

Level 85 - Runite Ore & 75 XP

At times, the Motherlode may be affected by random instances. These events must be tended to before you are able to return to mining. A rockfall is the most common of these incidents. At times, rocks can be thrown down, and they can cause harm and block your way. They can be mined in order for an additional 10 experience.

Sometimes the water wheels of the hopper can break and must be fixed with a hammer. You can find hammers through searching the crates around the machine that makes the hopper. You can also get additional Smithing XP in order to fix the wheel of water. 1.5x your current Smithing Level. Since hammers are available in the crates, it's recommended to not mine them in your inventory. Then, look through the crates to find the hammer you require to fix the water wheel.

To reach the higher levels, where there are more veins for mining, you need to pay Prospector Percy 100 golden nuggets. It is evident from the table above that golden nuggets are possible outcomes of the pay-dirt at all levels. There is an exact chance of a nugget at 2.74%

Percy provides access to the higher floors. There is also the option of purchasing other items for golden nuggets. One of them is a set of Prospector clothes. These will provide between 0.2% and 0.8 percent bonus mining experience per. Wear all of them to get 2bonus mining hours.

Soft clay packs are another product you can buy. This pack contains 100 soft clay. If you are looking to earn profits, this is the best way to make use of the gold nuggets. The coal bag can be purchased in addition to gem bags and a bag full of gems. Additionally, you can increase the size of your pay-dirt bag from 128 to 162. The price of all items are listed below.

Items and costs are listed in Golden Nuggets

Soft clay packet 10

Prospector boots - 30

Prospector helmet - 40

Prospector legs - 50

Prospector jacket - 60

Bag filled with precious stones - 40

Coal bag - 100

Gem bag - 100

Access to the upper floor 100

Upgrade to the Pay-dirt sack - 200

Earning Experience XP Per Hour

Level 30-40 - 22,000

Level 41-60 - 26,000

Level 61-74 - 29,000

Level 75-84 38,000

Level 85-98 43,000

Level 99 52,000

Other mining methods are roughly 1.2-1.4 times more efficient in gaining experience, but the Motherlode Mine is more efficient, particularly at higher levels where resources may need to be to be fought over.


This concludes our tutorial on OSRS Motherlode Mine. We hope that you found this guide informative.