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Urwerk Watch Replica

Posted By adeliy adeliy     October 9, 2021    


luxury Urwerk watches UR-110 Bakelite, tenth anniversary and goodbye watch

Say goodbye to certainly one of URWERK's hottest singles

In terms of design in addition to mechanics, URWERK is never bashful about being bold, special, provocative, sharp... The indie watchmakers founded by Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei are the most creative and quite often crazy. One of these watches could be bolder than others. In other words, it looks like there is nothing else in the marketplace. So imagine the reaction of this kind of watch, UR-110 (yes, Flat iron Man's watch) when it was published 10 years ago! But now will be the time to say goodbye to this enjoy. To this end, the two made the URWERK UR-110 Bakelite, an original piece that was auctioned regarding charity.

Typically the UR-110 was launched in 2011 and possesses since been one of the boldest, strangest and most luxurious URWERKs (this combination may noise redundant, but in fact, that watch is really special). Simply speaking, this watch has no cultures. This case... well, look at it. Substance... solid wood bezel and tweed strap, anyone? Display... Exactly why do you bother to do it when you might mount satellites on planetary gears? In short, there is no opinion on this watch, which is why this can be a cool (but not easy to be able to understand) concept. fake Richard Mille RM 35 Rafael Nadal

But following living for 10 years, Baumgartner and Frey decided to convert a new page. Just like what they did to you with the UR-210 final release and UR-105 Tantalum, UR-110 will have a farewell type. But once again, with this kind of special watch, even the ultimate version cannot be a classic minimal edition of a standard steel case. Moreover, even the approach this watch is made is just not classic.

We could talking about a unique piece, yet based on a second-hand unit that has been (of course) renovated into a new one, and after that used a brown bakelite (also known as the first plastic-type made of synthetic ingredients) board The color is a bit like fibers texture. As Baumgartner discussed: “Bakelite is one of the first excellent materials developed in history. It is properties were and still are usually multiple and revolutionary. It offers insulation and heat level of resistance, which existed in all each day products at the time. From the stage show frame to the radio. ” It is also equipped with the brand's latest replica watches for sale strap, the Vulcarboné rubber strap Velcro buckle on the UR-220.

For the rest, URWERK UR-110 Bakelite retains all the factors that make this model well-liked, which means that the 47mm back button 51mm x 16mm huge case is made of grade your five titanium, and the sapphire ravenscroft mirror follows the sophisticated shape of the watch. The show is a typical URWERK, using iconic satellite complication, using a rotating hour/minute module attached to a planetary gear, as well as pointing to an arched second orbit on the right. Often the display also includes a " control panel" with tiny seconds, day/night indicator and also oil change gauge. Naturally , all instructions are pointed out in neon green. In the case is a basic programmed movement with an internal element on the top. The movement will be wound by a unidirectional one adjusted by a twin wind turbine.

This URWERK UR-110 Bakelite is a special piece, designed to celebrate the particular 10th anniversary of the sequence, and also to say goodbye... nonetheless it will represent a deserving cause. fake watches for sale

Technical Specifications-URWERK UR-110 Bakelite

Case: forty seven mm x 51 millimeter x 16 mm-grade 5 various titanium with bakelite bezel-sapphire crystal-two-digit crown with built-in protection-30-meter water resistance

Show: Satellite complication with spinning hour/minute modules mounted on planetary gears-" control panel" having small seconds, day/night signal and oil change evaluate

Movement: Calibre 3RD THERE’S R 9. 01 Mechanical self-winding basic movement with interior display module on top-46 jewels-28, 800 vibrations for every hour-Single barrel with 39 hours power reserve-One-way variable by twin turbo One

Strap: Vulcarboné plastic, Velcro


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