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Check out our complete guides for the U.K. Partner Visa

Posted By Visa simple     November 30, 2021    


The partner visa map is only available for spouses. Civil partners or unmarried couples who want to live their lives with their partners in the United Kingdom.

For staying in the United Kingdom, they need to have few eligibility requirements. 

Those criteria are as follow: 

That couple must have  a British work permit card in the U.K. 

Need to spend their lives for few years in the United Kingdom 

That couple needs to stay in the U.K. and can take a leave from the U.K. up to 180 days a year. This law is developed under the E.U. Settlement Scheme. 

Under the partner route map, a fiance or proposed civil partner can even apply for this UK Partner Visa. However, they need to meet all those criteria developed by the government of the U.K.

What are the fundamental requirements of getting a U.K. Partner Visa? 


There are lots of requirements for applying for this type of visa. However, you can apply for this U.K. Partner Visa if you meet all those requirements that need to be matched with your criteria. These requirements are broken into different criteria.

These areas follow:

Relationship necessities; 

Monetary necessities; 

Convenience necessities; 

Appropriateness necessities; and 

English language necessities.

Relationship necessities 

When you are applying for the U.K. Partner Visa, that candidate must have sufficient sound evidence to prove your relationship with them. Evidence that you are showing must be eligible for applying for the U.K. Partner Visa.

Your age criteria is about 18 years of age or more than that. 

You have to visit with officials face to face with evidence. 

Officials will check all of the evidence and survey your relationship status. 

They will also check your marriage certificate. This is required for them to check.  

They will tell you to live your life here in the United Kingdom, and you have to accept their decisions.

If you have any other external affair, you have to break it permanently.

These are the few points that you need to keep in mind. After that, you have to give few exams, and then you might receive your U.K. Partner Visa.

These are the few steps of relationship necessities that need to be follow.

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