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Why is Oracle Java the platform of choice for modern applications?

Posted By Amrit Singh     December 17, 2021    


Oracle invests heavily to advance the Java platform, creating new features and capabilities that address the latest technology trends. Java delivers a better user experience and higher quality of service because its performance is consistent across devices, which means your app works well on smartphones, TV-connected devices, or any other device. And it's compatible with Oracle database technology.

Those features have huge benefits for developers and businesses alike. By taking advantage of Java's flexibility and compatibility with Oracle database technologies, you can build modern apps that are:

Responsive: Users can connect to your app from anywhere at any time—mobile, web, or PC—and find the information they need with a highly responsive experience.

Secure: Your customers can trust your app to be secure, protected by industry-standard security protocols like SSL/TLS, OAuth2 API Tokens, SAML2 single sign-on (SSO), Client Certificate Authentication, HTTPS, and others.

Highly available: With a built-in cluster manager, you can easily scale out your application horizontally by simply adding more nodes. This creates a highly reliable environment for your app and its users.

Highly scalable: Deploy your application on a robust enterprise-grade platform that lets you easily accommodate increased demand without costly changes or upgrades.

In addition to this, Oracle Java Platform also has a good support system in place. There are various support forums that offer answers to all kinds of queries that the developers might have. The Oracle Java community is very active with respect to these forums and they help resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Another reason why Oracle Java Platform is preferred is that it supports a multi-threading programming model. This enables the users to develop high-performance applications without much difficulty. Along with this, with its robust security features, it can prevent any kind of unauthorized access or intrusion into the application being developed by the user.

Oracle Java Platform also offers some great tools that make programming an easy task for the developers working on it. This software development kit comes with a number of utilities, which helps in developing an effective application easily.

According to a recent survey, 1 out of 4 websites uses Oracle's Java programming language. Oracle Java SE delivers the rich functionality developers need to build and deploy applications today while providing the performance and scalability necessary for tomorrow's demanding enterprise applications.

Tens of billions of devices run Java SE-based software—from laptops, desktops, and servers to mobile phones, televisions, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Java is also the development language for a majority of business applications, including accounting systems, point-of-sale systems, and many other back-office applications. Oracle's open-source Java community provides massive resources for developers to learn from and tap into.

To keep pace with market demands, Java SE has evolved to include new features and capabilities that enable developers to build, deploy, and manage applications that are easy to develop, flexible to configure, scalable across systems, and reliable through robust exception handling.

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