Ticket Selling Top 5 OSRS Ranged Weapons

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  • Description : Which are the most effective? Let's take a look at some of the options to include in your arsenal!
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  • OSRS provides three types of combat: Ranging, Magic, and Melee.
    The range is quite different from the other three. Because many players agree that it's the most frequently used option for high-level PvM. This is because many bosses and raids have been dominated by players using this specific style The DPS is actually higher.

    It's also popular due to the fact that it has a variety of useful tools, making it even more sought-after.

    Which are the most effective? Let's take a look at some of the options to include in your arsenal!

    5. Crystal Bow
    This bow is quite similar to the Craw’s Bow as it has its own ammunition, and gradually declines over time.

    Like you could think from the name this bow is loaded with Crystal Shards.

    It boasts a impressive range attack bonus of 100 and a strength boost of +70. It is also one of few bows with an attack distance greater than 10 squares, making it possible to fire from faraway.

    This makes is very useful for Fight Caves and DKS, where distance is a useful ally.

    To wield this bow you need level 50 agility and level 70 ranged, as well as completing the quest "Roving Elves" and the Hard Western Province Diary completed.

    While it's quite a bit of work, it is definitely worth the effort.

    How to Get The bow through the crystal weapon seed as long as the journal and quest are complete.
    4. Armadyl Crossbow
    The Armadyl Crossbow is one of the most powerful crossbows available in OSRS. It has an amazing 100 range attack bonus.

    As with all crossbows this is one-handed, meaning you can use an offhand to act as a shield with it.

    The Armadyl Crossbow, or ACBC for short, is great for fighting dragons. However, the Dragon Hunter crossbow beats it there.

    This is a game that requires 70 range. It comes with a special attack that will double your accuracy.

    It's also the only OSRS crossbow that can offer the option of a prayer bonus (which it does: +1).

    How to obtain the following: Commander Zilyana drops the Armadyl Crossbow at GWD's Saradomin encampment.
    3. Dragon Hunter Crossbow
    This crossbow is now the most effective slot range weapon to take on numerous dragon-type enemies, such as Vorkath.

    Reason being that it's one of the game's Dragonbane weapons.
    The Dragon Hunter Crossbow offers a impressive +95 range benefit and a 30% boost in damage and accuracy while fighting dragons.

    This effect is possible to combine with void, salve bonuses, and slayer helmet. It is essential to use the correct equipment.

    It's also the 2nd best item in the slot for the range phase of the Olm fight in Chambers of Xeric.

    To be able to utilize this crossbow it is necessary to have level 65 range.

    How to obtain Rare drop from the chambers of Xeric.
    2. Toxic blowpipe
    This is without doubt one of the most effective and most powerful, if certainly not the greatest, weapon for all round DPS.

    The blowpipe comes with an attack range bonus of +60, but it has one of the most rapid attack speeds in the game. That means that when this is used with high level darts, you melt your enemy's health to pieces.

    PvM attack speed is 3 game ticks. Attack speed for PvP is 4 game ticks.

    The blowpipe is powered by darts. It needs to be filled with both Zulrah and darts to light.

    An average of two scales are employed for one dart fired. This could result in an extremely expensive weapon.

    It is also possible that your blowpipe could enrage enemies. The likelihood of this happening increases by 100 percent when you wear the Serpentine Helmet is used.

    The blowpipe can be used for a variety of purposes and is suitable to accomplish a variety of tasks including raids, GWD (most slayer bosses), slayer tasks, training at the range, and much more. This weapon is extremely powerful!

    All you'll require is a decent amount of GPG to back it.

    How to Get To get it: You'll have to defeat Zulrah and then get the Tanzanite Fang. You can transform the fang into an Toxic Blowpipe with 53 Crafting.
    1. Twisted Bow
    Finally, we get to the top of our ranking. The Twisted Bow has to be the most ranged weapon available in OSRS, and the most sought-after bow in the world.

    It comes with an increase of 70 range attack as well as 20 range strength bonuses However, that's not why it's so popular.

    Twisted Bows are able to be passive, which allows you to hit higher depending upon your enemy's degree of magic.

    The more advanced the level, the higher you can hit.

    This means that on certain enemies, you can get 80's with ease, and almost all the time. The sheer amount of damage that you can deal here is ridiculous.

    As an example an example, the maximum hit for the Twisted Bow outside the Chambers of Xeric is 83 The maximum hit inside is 104.

    This is absurd considering they are common attacks and not exclusive attacks.

    Twisted Bow Twisted Bow is frequently employed for Giant Mole Raids, KBD, Hydra, Fight Caves, and numerous other things - since there are many enemies with high levels of magic in OSRS.
    How to get: At the super-rare drop table located in Chambers of Xeric.