Ticket Selling Cursed : Binge-worthy or Just Skip It?

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  • Posted On : Mar 14, 2022
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  • Description : Legendary comic novelists Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler collaborated on Cursed - A Netflix Original.
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  • The question is, how did the Lady of the Lake obtain the sword that she eventually gave to King Arthur?

    Naturally, we think of Monty Python and the Holy Grail's classic line: "Listen, strange women lying in ponds, distributing swords is no basis for a system of government." As we saw this program, were we thinking about that line and the "watery tart" retort?

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    Opening Shot:

    "There is a narrative that has vanished into the mists of time. The Sword of Power and the young woman who wielded it are discussed. The Sword of Power picked a queen before Arthur the King."

    The Gist:

    A woman's body is tossed into a lake, bleeding and possibly dead from arrow wounds. "Where to begin?" she says in voice-over as she lowers. With water, perhaps? "Do you want to play with fire?"

    Back when The Lady of the Lake (Katherine Langford) was alive, we see her wandering in the forest near her town as Nimue (Katherine Langford). When she hears a young deer yell "go out," she pursues the two hunters who killed it, especially when they brandish their bows at them and accuse her of being a witch.

    That's when we see the scope of her abilities. Her priestess mother Lenore (Catherine Wilson) is aware of Nimue's exceptional abilities and believes it is in her best interests for her to keep a low profile.

    Nimue is adamant that she does not want to be the new summoner when the Hednar chooses her. She sets off to sail away from her hometown, accompanied by her best friend Pym (Lily Newmark).

    Meanwhile, the Red Paladins, a vicious religious-based army of killers led by Father Carden (Peter Mullan) and tacitly sanctioned by King Uther Pendragon (Sebastian Armesto), are pillaging villages, burning them down, and burning witches.

    The only magic that King Uther approves of is the sorcery of his wizard Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgrd), who has been tasked with alleviating the land's drought. Merlin, on the other hand, only wants to get drunk and parade around the realm shirtless. He also does some research on the Sword of Power, which he has been looking for for quite some time.

    When Nimue and Pym arrive in town to try to catch a transport ship, they are informed that the ship has already left and will not return for six months. They retreat to a pub, dissatisfied when they encounter Arthur, a lovely young knight (Devon Terrell).

    When a group of Red Paladins comes after them, he assists them. They set up camp for the night, and Nimue demonstrates her sword-fighting abilities to Arthur. They do, however, share a strong attraction to each other.

    Nimue and Pym, on the other hand, leave Arthur behind the next morning and return to their village. The village is on fire, and Father Carden and his Red Paladins are destroying it. Pym and Nimue are both apprehended, but Nimue manages to flee.

    She also gets Squirrel (Billy Jenkins), her young companion, out safely. She locates the temple, where her mother is writhing in pain. She gives her daughter a sword to carry to Merlin just before she is killed by a Red Paladin. Nimue discovers the sword's true power the first time she uses it, as Merlin incants during a gory rainfall.

    Our Opinion:

    Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler collaborated on Cursed, which is based on a graphic novel they were working on at the same time. It's supposed to relate the storey of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table from the perspective of the woman who would become the Lady of the Lake.

    Miler and Wheeler and their writers made it up from the ground up, and there's a great tale somewhere in there, but the first episode is so jumbled and unclear that it's difficult to figure out what's going on until the very end.

    We enjoy Nimue and Pym's relationship and hope to see more of it in the future. Also, the chemistry established between Langford and Terrell is evident in the scenes in which they appear together; one of the greatest scenes features Pym attempting to guess whether they kissed the night before. It added some compassion to what is otherwise an attempt to make a Game of Thrones-style replacement with a lot of speech.

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