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  • Posted On : May 17, 2021
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  • I desire to learn in an institution that produces the best students. I would be proud of learning in an institution that is associated with a high exam pass mark and competent professionals. For these reasons, I found it important to transfer to another institution that would provide me with an opportunity of becoming a professional in the chosen field in the future, namely in animal sciences.
    I have faced many challenges during my studies, especially with excel project and other tasks. However, I believe education is my only key to success in life. Therefore, I am focusing on joining an institution that will provide me with a good education in animal sciences as a major. It is a major that not many institutions offer, hence making my list of choices shorter. Since childhood, I have been interested in sciences, especially in the field of animal sciences. I believe that selecting the aforementioned major is the best chance I have to study the topic of my interest. Besides, I want to study in an institution that has the best infrastructure related to my major, including laboratories and relevant teaching aids. I have done a thorough research, using the Internet and inquiring from friends and family members, to find the most reliable institution that can prepare me for the selected major. Moreover, the search for personal satisfaction has further stimulated my desire of transferring.
    I will be satisfied if I join the new institution that will provide me with the best resources for studying. Modern institutions base their excellence on their reputation together with a good record of performance. The reputation of the institution I will graduate from will help me in the future, especially when looking for a job. Thus, I think it is reasonable to transfer to a higher learning institution that has a good reputation.
    Morals are important in the modern society. To become a successful animal scientist, one requires upright morals. For this reason, I find it important to evaluate and select an institution that has good morals. Indiscipline and immoral actions may lead to loss of property, life, and direction. Therefore, I find it important to transfer to an institution that is based on Christian morals. It must be an institution that is known for its discipline and high moral standards. Besides, I intend to join an institution that is recognized internationally, since with a major in animal sciences from an international institution, it will be easy for me to work anywhere in the world. In addition, I want to transfer to an institution that is known for employing competent teachers who can help me resolve various educational challenges that may arise during my studies.
    The need to transfer is also based on the objectives that I hope to achieve. I have a number of objectives that I am looking forward to achieving as I complete my course in animal sciences. My first objective is to achieve a good grade that will encourage me to continue studying in the future. I also plan to acquire evidence-based experience since the institution I will transfer to will have the right apparatus for obtaining firsthand experience in the animal sciences major. It is also important to consider practice-based knowledge as one of my goals is to study in an institution that has a modern lab that will provide me with the knowledge and experience that can further be used in the real world. Finally, I plan to attaining an internationally recognized certificate that will enable me to work in international institutions and organizations.